Nerf Centurion

Model: Nerf Centurion

Series: Nerf Elite Mega

Range: 100 feet

Ammo: Elite Mega Darts

Batteries: None

Ages: 8+

The Nerf Centurion is the furthest firing Nerf blaster ever reaching targets up to 100 feet away. This long range Nerf Elite Mega Centurion fires whistler darts which make a noise as they fly through the air. 6 darts are included along with a removable folding bipod stand.

Nerf Demolisher

Model: Nerf Demolisher

Series: Nerf Elite

Range: 90 feet

Ammo: Elite Darts and Elite Missiles

Batteries: 4 AA

Ages: 8+

The Nerf Demolisher is the first 2 in 1 blaster from Nerf featuring motorised dart firing and pump action missile launching. The orange banana clip holds 10 darts and the missile launcher barrel holds 1 missile at a time. 10 darts and 2 missiles are included.